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Troy Upperman Self Portrait.jpg

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Troy Upperman has always been around people taking photographs. His late father, Christopher Upperman, had an obsession with capturing life’s moments any time he could, and Troy was subtly influenced by his actions. He attended school for Fashion Design & Merchandising and began to refine his artistic taste early on. Initially focused on navigating the fashion industry, Troy began to experiment with photography and build a wealth of technical and creative skills.


After relocating to Los Angeles in 2016, Troy began to gain more inspiration for photography through the city, the fashion and social media. It was there that he started working for a new startup fashion brand. This allowed him to employ his photography skillset to not only grow the brand where he was employed, but it also allowed him to constantly keep learning new techniques and come up with fresh ideas.


Troy enjoys creating imagery that is timeless and evokes emotion using light and texture. Through vistas located throughout Southern California and surrounding areas, he is able to capture lifestyle, fashion and landscapes.

Troy's work has been published in InStyle Magazine, The New York Times, National Wildlife Magazine, Forbes, Nobleman Magazine, and C Magazine.


Follow Troy and his work on Instagram & Facebook.

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